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The mission

"God sends someone at the beginning of every century to strengthen humans in their religion"
From this Hadith, clearly appears the need for the revivifying missions that GOD entrusts to virtuous, servants who have proven themselves in the preservation of the Sacred Custom of the Prophet (Peace and Leap on Him). These envoys (Mursal) remain the guarantors of the Religion of GOD and are ready to send to him all the spiritual workers who trust them.
Cheikh Abdoul Ahad MBACKE, third calif of Mouridism (from 1968 to 1989) explains this question to us in one of his sermons "I would like you to be convinced that it is not enough for you to hear the Koran say: "We did not send any messenger except [speaking] in the language of his people to state clearly for them.."(S14 V4) to think that it is by referring strictly to a prophet that the Qur'an speaks thus. A prophet is by definition an Apostle-Envoy (Nabiyyun Mursal) and of this status, the Envoy of GOD Rasûla-lah is the last link in the chain. Nevertheless a messenger in himself is at no time absent (on Earth). Because the tribune who, by announcing a speech, the whole public stands still to listen to him is a messenger for his listeners, he is sent to his audience
(The next Grand Magal sermon in Touba on October 12, 1987)
Of the set of "Mursals" who had no other function than to serve the Prophet (peace be upon him), Providence was going to grant us a servant of exceptional merits. What makes its status special is above all the nobility of its mission that the Prophet himself predicted in his very famous eschatological declaration:
          طوبى لمن بلغ المأئة الرابعة بعد الألف
          صدق الرسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم
These words of the Servant of the purest Chosen One Al Muçtafa (Khâdimal Muçtafâ) Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba are clearly explained by their very author who gave the aforementioned comment. In fact, the Covenant of Allegiance with the Prophet and submission to his Lord were a constant in the work of the Servant. At all times, under all circumstances, the effect of his position was uncompromising and the manner of saying it is only further confirmation. In his Panegyric "Mîmiya" which is an anonymous rhyme en mîm an excellent poem of meter Basît, he confirms this position, testifying to an unwavering attachment to GOD and to his Envoy (Peace and Leap on Him).
I have totally disposed my wholeness to an unparalleled LORD in connivance with the One (the Prophet) whose love is sealed in my heart

I have submitted myself totally to an unequaled LORD in collusion with Him whose way is free from corruption
I have totally surrendered to a LORD who dispenses with all help, in collusion with the One whose confession has always been Islam
I totally surrendered myself to a LORD without beginning, in collusion with the One who became for me a protection and a support
I have totally dedicated myself to a LORD too Great to give birth in collusion with the One whose eulogy gives me impeccability
I am totally destined for a LORD above a motive of connivance with the One whose concern for me has brought me blessings
I totally trusted a LORD Too High to have an example of connivance with the One who is free from all faults
I totally surrendered myself to the care of the MASTER of the worlds in collusion with the One who showed himself proud of my service in front of the Great and their retinue.
I have totally devoted myself to the Lord in collusion with our Most Praise (Ahmad) the Torch of present, future and past generations
I have totally dedicated myself to the Sustainable which materialized my wishes of connivance with the One who definitively suppressed the evil
I totally devoted myself to the care of a GUIDE who gave me the right guidance in collusion with the One who brought me milk and meat
(Mîmiya verse 11 to 21)
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