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 "I did not establish a brotherhood (Tariqa), I rather found the path that had been scrupulously followed by the Prophet and his companions completely withered, I cleared it as cleanly as possible, I have also renovated it in all its originality and made the following appeal:
Any pilgrim who wishes to take the journey can come, here is the rehabilitated way, this way is that of the pact allegiance” says Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba.
These words of the founder of Mouridism leave no doubt about his mission:
The rehabilitation of the basic cultural values ​​of Islam in the service of the best of envoys Mohamadou Rassulul Lah (Peace and greetings be upon him). According to the words of its founder, muridism was born from "Faith through TAWHID, law through FIQ and seeking perfection through TACAWWUF" and he set the aforementioned as his sole objective only for the sake of GOD, the MOST HIGH the GENEROUS. Therefore, all those who have responded to the call are called Murid or aspirant to GOD (Muridul- | -lâh).
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